Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I had a dream about Hugh Laurie and leeches and now look:

He just looks confused. The sound quality is pretty bad too, sorry.

So I'm sort of ill, and last night Gillian and I spent a relatively quiet night at the bar drinking hot toddies and playing scrabble. There was a total gaggle of hot hipster boys (actually, the plural term is a "disaffection of hipsters" I believe) and two of them broke away from the herd to help us out with our game. The one I got was from Boston, which was my introduction to the Boston accent outside of movies. At first I thought he was British, or mildly retarded, but as Sebastien pointed out, the government doesnt automatically issue mentally handicapped people these piercings to separate them for us regular folk. Too bad, it IS a good warning sign though.

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