Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I microwaved a ding-dong with its wrapper on.....twice

Man I really need to like, get my act together. I want to get a job at New School so I can apply for a graduate program there and have the tuition waved.
Now I'm listening to a song called "I met Jesus in a bar".
I've been cuddling with my B.T. and it makes me so happy. I've been cuddling with someone else too, and its also made me happy. Im generally in a good mood; I have some cash in my account, can prolly start paying off my student loans, I have some good friends in town, and no one seems to mind that I've put on a couple pounds since my last crazy diet binge (the one that lasted all of senior year? Yea, that was fun.) Seriously, haven't weighed myself in two months, and Im too scared now, especially since my dinner is always either sushi or massive amounts of Indian food. Followed by beer. Last night Sean, Kelly, Sam and I went to Relish and drank Big Ho's, which was like 22 ounces of Hoegarden. Not a bad price either. Then we smoked ourselves retarded and I bought two books (Sam Shepard's short stories and also a book of readings for/by insomniacs) from one of those hippie/hipsters in Williamsburg that were literally hawking books at midnight in a dark alley. I needled Sam into getting a biography on Dario Argento just so I wouldn't be tempted to buy it.
I think a billion people are going to be visiting me at work tonight. All the no-longer-freshman and the such. God but I am SUPER itchy and need to shower.
AND TOMMOROW DRIP LITTLE AND TOMMY THE PAPER BOY (or Eliza and Ryan, if you aren't living in our little world of lies) are coming to hang out and sleep on my floor unless they brought their own sleeping bags. HEEYA!

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