Monday, October 23, 2006

Everything is beautiful but not everyone can see

Lots has happened, didn't have time to update.
1. Got a job working in NEW MEDIA. It's lot of data entry for this online web-program place called Narrowstep where we tranfer very very esoteric channels into websites with videos. It's sort of neat, and today the two guys I work with took me out to a really good seafood lunch. I also get paid 15 bucks an hour, which is nice. Now when people ask what I "do" I can say "I'm in transitional media" and it will be somewhat accurate. Too bad its a temp job, but hey-a, maybe I can make myself indisposable. I am across the hall from Radar Magazine. Only problem is it looks like I'll be here waaaay past five for data entry.
2. Lauren's wedding was yesterday. I was a bridesmaid. I got totally trashed with my sister and we ended up yelling at our mom during the slow dance because she had told some people that we were too scarred to get married and have children. But I have never felt closer to my sister than while ruining the the couples' dance by screaming "WHY DO YOU THINK WE HAVE POISON WOMBS?" I eventually passed out. It was a very successful wedding.
3. The week with Oberlin kids was awesome. B.T, Sam, Eliza, and I went to the Tropicalia exhibit at the Bronx museum, which felt like some kid's exhibit on acid. You could drink some bowls of colored shit, and go around in a shanty-town maze complete with television, live parrots, sand and a RED ROOM!We ate at a delicious Italian place near Sam's with a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs for four, and a canter of wine. Then I ran into Chiggins and Russ, who were going to GBM anyway to hear Ryan Snowe and some other oberlin student's play jazz. Small world, huh? This all happened in one day, btw.

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