Thursday, October 12, 2006


So I just did my first act of impromptu "bettering myself" insomuchas I just bought a forty dollar ticket for tommorow night's showing of Sam Sheppard's "Tooth of Crime".
Why would I make such a rash (and expensive!) decision to forgo pregaming on a friday to go watch a musical (albiet a comic-book musical written by Buried Child's author?)
You may remember Ray Wise from his performance in Goodnight and Goodluck, the West Wing, or Broadway's Tartuffe (as well as in the original performance of this play in 1983). Or you may remember Ray Wise because:

FUCKING LELAND PALMER MOTHERFUCKERS! IN A MUSICAL! BY SAM SHEPPARD! I'm going to cry. So yea, I had to buy these insanely expensive tickets and have a twenty minute gushing session with the ticket lady over the phone ("hey, this chick says she has a twin peaks and eraserhead tattoo!" she shouted to the rest of the box office) which ended with her asking me if I was going to wait outside the doors afterward to get him to sign something.
I dunno, like, my heart?

I tried callnig my parents and baiting them by saying "send me forty!" But dad was nonplussed and said "tell your mother to send you a check and I'll refund her" which sort of gives me the impression that my parents would rather not know why im begging for such an odd soem of cash. "Come on don't you even want to know WHY i want this money?"
"No, Im sure you have a good reason."
My mom was at a Randy Newman concert, so no help there. My sister was also no help. But apparently, I can get refunded by the rents for being cultured just by getting them to think that I'm in some sort of drug scandal. Whatever.
Im lame.
Last night though, I made an obscene amount in tips and basically had to shove people out the door, so I guess it all evens out. Dayum.
Im a loser

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