Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Best of Craigslist:

The Girls I have dated
I seriously want to marry this man:
Judith - You were very unattractive. I slept with you because I thought that's the best I deserved. I see now that I was lacking in self esteem. But still, you smelled wonderful and I think you are a good person. You could lose some weight, but it wouldn't really matter because you would still be ugly. Sorry about pissing in your mouth. I liked it, but I don't think you did.

Wow. AWESOME. I am listening to pandora.com and its amazing. I worked literally 12 hours yesterday- from 9-9. Wow major overtime, after this job I'm going to take a week vacation and buy myself a 100 dollar kobe steak and spend double that on drugs. I had a weird dream last night where I was stealing Paris Hilton's drugs and Tara Reid and Nicole Richie sent out a referendum saying that Paris was a lot cooler before she found all these "slutty" new friends. That was weird. I wonder what that says about what I think of myself, or what I think of other.
I am making cop-Steve take me out to a nice dinner tomorrow, since I will be going to work at the bar tonight. Jeez I will have so much money.

If I haven't expanded on my feelings about my childhood bff getting married, its because well, its hard to put into words how I felt. It was both the most expected, normal thing to happen as well as the most bizarre concept to wrap my mind around. Lauren Ware in now Lauren Dwornick. She's been dating Drake since she was 14. But being barely 22 and getting married? I guess I always knew lauren was going to be the first one of our trio to get married; she was always the most romantic of all of us. She looked like a Victorian ghost in her dress and antique lace shawl. I couldn't see her face from where I was standing but I could see Drake crying, and thought back to the first time I met him and he introduced me to UCB by way of the Little Donnie episode. Marielle will be getting married not TOO too far in the future, I'm sure. At least, she's been with Craig since freshman year in high school. I have yet to make it ONE year with someone, although I guess if you count ALL the space between when me and james first hooked up (Lauren's 21st birthday) and now, it's a little bit over a year. But since we've never technically dated, its sort of a moot point. I've been having weird dreams about him a lot, which could mean anything, since I've also been having dreams about Paris Hilton and killing Brandon.

Well, whatever. Where is Steve Barnes? That kid has literally dropped off the face of the earth (if you're like me and consider the entire world to be comprised of the East Coast with a little tether tying the Oberlin balloon to it). Matt and I are going to see the Departed on Friday night. I still need to find out what I plan on doing with Avi. My new friend Peter (who looks like Max, or Zack, or that designer that Gillian mentioned yesterday- and told us about the Tropicalia exhibit) drank with me during our self-imposed Happy Hour at GBM yesterday and i thought once again how lucky i am that there is a bar for me to get trashed at that is so convienently downstairs to me.

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ariella said...

don't worry drew, i will NEVER get married.