Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some mornings fit like a glove now

There is live folk music tonight at GBM by this Irish guy and his irish friends. Its making me really sentimental, as Irish music tends to do. Really makes me wax nostalgic for Java House in Ellicot City. I realized a lot of my social upbringing has been directly involved with coffee houses. It sounds so cliche, but really the atmosphere of coffee houses is so much more pleasent than bars, people actually interact and shit, friends are made, flirting occurs, and your life just seems that much more settled and sane because you have "that spot" that all your friends congregate and rehash their day at. Okay, so its a little Friends-ish, but seriously. Without coffee houses and their ilk, my social skills would be stuck at 14 yr. old Drew. Honestly, coffeehouses taught me that I have to use my "indoor voice" sometimes and that sometimes you have to respect other people and their performances. I mean, took me a long time to learn, and I still am pretty damn loud, but seriously. Im not fifteen year old drew anymore. Although I miss her sometimes.
Maybe its just tonight. I lit candles in the store cuz it was quiet and cool outside, with the door open, it just reminds me of all the time I spent on main street in Ellicot City, taking acid or just eating sugar cubes because I liked the taste of sugar cubes.
Wow this older Easy Rider-esque guy who does drywalling upstairs in my apartment came in and asked for a paaaabst blue ribbon in this voice that I knew meant he was refrencing Blue Velvet. So I answered "fuck that shit!" and he laughed and said "thanks donna." Now I cant figure out if he just forgot my name or was making a Twin Peaks reference or what.
All in all, its a beautiful night.

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B said...

You know how to use an indoor voice? When did this development occur?