Friday, September 15, 2006

But I was a hero early in the morning but I aint no hero in the night.....

SO BRIAN KAPLOW! is back in town. This makes me extremely happy because Brian is the best platonic heterosexual male friend in the world. That's a lot of qualifiers but its true. Plus, he's living in Carrol Gardens so I finally got to go and get wasted on mojitos and we toasted a lot to ourselves because we are super-keen people. I used the phrase "kissin' up on dudes" approximately 100 times in our conversation. THen we went back to his pad and smoked cigarettes, drank beer, and read Tank Girl. Anyone else realize that the artist (Jame H?) is the same guy who does the Gorillaz videos?

Applied to a temp agency, I can officially write 55 wpm. That's not that many but oh well. Its almost a word a second when you think about it so thats a lot. Also I met an old Irish projectionist who is going to take me under his wing and teach me about video installation. His name is Paudie and yea....super Irish. Cool. Jordan also says he has some film stuff I can work on.
Dwight is going to take me to Massive Attack next month and that makes me super excited.

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