Saturday, September 30, 2006

I have a facility for it

So I'm watching Jeepers Creepers too and there is this farmer with a real intense stare and Im looking at him and I say to my empty house, "Oh my god.....Leland Palmer?!"
Hasn't aged a day.....well, he looks younger without the white hair. That makes three films (Robocop and Fire Walk with me-which barely counts) for one of the best actors ever. No one, besides Robert Downey Jr., plays a crazy man like Leland Palmer. Shizam!
Okay, about RDJ, so I was at the bar across the street from Lou Reed's house looking out on the West End Highway, and I notice they have this blinking machine that looks like a breathalizer. So I ask the waitress about it, and she's like "oh yea, Robert Downey Jr. just moved into the place above and is ALWAYS complaining about the noise so this machine moderates our sound levels." And I'm thinking, is Robert Downey Jr. in SUCH bad shape that he can't even deal with other people having fun or else he goes into crazy Coke-Hulk mode? You want like me when I'm CAH-RAZY!
Also: last night I was taknig a dump when suddenly, in surround sound, the Godfather theme just swells up around me. Its like I was immediatly taking the most important shit in the world. I felt like a king, and couldn't find a source of the music outside or anywhere. It was so bizarre.
Then I cleaned all of Freddie's room because I am a SUPER CLEANING FREAK.
Okay, so I have to go to my boss' shindig tonight (I spend all my free time in Union Square too, its like a tacky France with all that Farmer's Market!) and then to a midnight ride to DE, where I am staying until monday. Hopefully see Ariella.
Am running SO low on cash due to my month of unemployment, and I never even got my last check from COlumbia! They owe me like 500 bucks! Shit dude!

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