Saturday, September 30, 2006

Adventures on a Saturday afternoon

I've decided James and I are engaged, even though he's in India and hasn't responded to my marriage proposal yet. Eliza is going to set up the wedding shower on the facebook, and today liz and I coordinated the wedding registry at
By tommorow you should be able to sign onto the registry and look under "bride: Drew Grant-Abrams" in order to see all the cool stuff we picked out!
Astronaut Ice-Cream Birthday Bucket:

Home Defibulator Set and Baby DNA set (I'm not saying anything yet....)

ANYWAY there is much much more exciting wedding/maternity stuff we registered for you to buy me for the wedding! It's slated for June 15th, which we think is Jame's birthday but since its not on the facebook there is no way of knowing, really. Also, this way its going to also coincide with hsi graduation so all his yearly presents will be combined in one giant package you can find RIGHT HERE:

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June 18th.