Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Science of Sleep

America needs to have more trilingual movies. Because I really didn't think this was going to be a foreign film, but honestly I don't think anyone in it was a native English speaker, and it was only spoken in like, 1/4 of the film. Even then, Im pretty sure it was just done because the film had an American backer or something (why would a Native Spanish speaker with a French mother have his internal thoughts in English and nothing else?)
Also: Michel Gondry and I have really different dreams. Specifically, I don't dream in claymation (thank god). I don't know why Europeans think its so "whimsical" to use the most terrifying animated medium in the biz. Seriously, I think only Peter Jackson in Heavenly Creatures really grasped how ugly and honestly jerky a medium stop-motion claymation is. But fine, I'll let that go and pretend like I honestly enjoy Robot Chicken.
But yea, I thought this film would give me some tru-isms about the dreaming process, but I think it just showed me that everyone dreams COMPLETELY differently. I don't think I ever had a dream that even vaguelly resembled anything in that film. But it was cute none the less.
This movie was like Suicide Club. Well, only because it really showed me how other cultures think of narratives developing in completely different contexts than Americans. This was like Donnie Darko meets Amelie. I guess I expected the story to be a little more cynical instead of sincere, but I forgot Charlie Kaufman didn't write the script, so even though the protaginist was sort of a creepy loser, it was cute and "whimisical" (again, needs the brackets) instead of pathetic. And also, the girl wasn't a man-eating psychotic bitch, which wasn't very Kaufmanesque (ooh, Im so clever? You know? Like Kafka-esque, fuck it.

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