Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Who knew being a suicidegirl would be so rewarding??!

Cuz it just landed me a job. Probably.
I woke up late and decided not to go into the office today cuz I felt weird and it was raining and its my last week anyway so fuck columbia university. I applied to about a billiobn jobs on craigslist yesterday and got NO replies, so I was feeling despondent while checking again this morning. And there was one ad in "administrative positions" that actually had a number to call. The first thing the guy asks me is "are you okay being around nudity" which is like, a weird question to ask for an administrative position but hell, I'm game so I tell them I'm fine with it, hell, I'm a suicidegirl (thinking, it couldn't hurt). There is a pause and the guy is like "can you come in this afternoon?"
So I get off the phone all excited before I think that this sort of gullibility that is going to land me dead one of these days. In a ditch. I should really know better by now. But the place was on Madison Avenue so I went. Plus, it couldn't hurt right? Hah.
BUT: the place was in this really classy building, really modern and high tech, like a fashion institute or something. And I walk into this glass room with bunches of like, those hottie Halloween costumes and sexy lingerie and stuff. Apparently, its a high class lingerie boutique that sells stuff wholesale to hot topic and shit.
I was there first interview of the day, and the two gay guys who own the place were still talking about the suicidegirl stuff and how I was totally overqualified for the job. Which would mainly be clerical work like I'm doing now, but occasionally modeling for their catalogue. Hours from 10-6. And for all this? WAY more money a year, health insurance (hell yea!), free lingerie, and paid trips to Vegas and shit when their company goes. Hell fucking yes. We joked for a really long time and they kept telling me how thin and cool I was (yes, appeal to my ego, yessssssss) and was I REALLY sure I want to work in a place where occasionally porn stars come in and chill and drink beers with the staff (its like four people). Are you kidding? Does a donut have holes (according to Colbert, no, they dont)?
So by the end of the interview we were talking about films and how they party out on the awesome roof above Mad. Avenue all the time, and they were like "well, we have to interview the other 15 girls that have already called, but off the record.....you almost definately have the job. You're perfect!"
I totally believe there is a guardian angel that makes sure that things work out for me in the best way possible. Well, sometimes, anyway.
I won't get too excited yet, since its not guarenteed that I got the job, but I still went out to H&M and bought the cutest pair of leggings and long shirt (totally Edie Sedgwick!) for 40 bucks. Shut up, I NEVER splurge! Plus, then I got to Freddie's work and there was an email waiting for me to another interview somewhere else.

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