Saturday, September 02, 2006

I just made a HUGE mistake

well, no its more like a lot of little ones.
And not so much mistakes (although mistakes are often made) as character flaws.
To wit: I am a coward and in general run screaming in the opposite direction from anything that might result in painful humanoid emotions bubbling up over the lid of the SSRIs.
I am also a petty thief.
I will lie, cheat, and murder my way out of anything that even vaguely resembles confrentation.
I fill up my day with as much "people time" as possible, to avoid ever having do the "alone" thing, which invariably leading to the "how I am an unscrupulous, untrustable, manipulating coward (who can't spell)" rumination.
Um. Enough introspection. Jenny got hit on by Haley Joel Osmond at BED tonight. It was totally sweet except for the part where I had to be DEAD sober (as I will continue to be for the next five days) because I am on MUCHO antibiotics.
And in the "evens out to neutral" catagory: Lingerie called to tell me that they won't make a decision till next week.
But that I was still their favorite. (literally, their words)

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