Sunday, August 20, 2006

Moderately-priced champagne

Freddy got the eighth season of Simpsons and fourth of Futurama, both of which mentions the title of today's post. Matt Groening, you cad! He (Freddy, not Groening) has one of those weird pocket-nintendo things, not a Gameboy, where we have a pet dog (theoreticaly) that we have to feed and take care of and shit. Its like Tamugatchi, except I feel a lot worse when he gets filthy and starving. Good thing my only responsibility to Max (my REAL dog) consists of letting him sleep on my bed and get his fur over EVERYTHING.
My sister has been here this weekend and we have managed to not leave brooklyn this entire weekend. Because that damn shuttle train makes it really inconvienent. I mean, we've literally stayed on a one-block radius all weekend. I barely even notice anymore.
I was going to go to Luke's but instead got a panic attack. Life is weird. Haven't had one of those in a very very long time. I feel like Hannah might not be having a fun time here. This might have something to do with the fact that I was so exhausted friday after work that I immediatly downed five Sparks and proceeded to beat her senseless. B got a poloroid of it.
The weekend web's about the AOL leaked searches are fucking hilarious. People should check them out.

Im listening to this song "Wellington Girls" that has really creepy lyrics. I'm telling Ricardo to watch Videodrome. Otherwise, its just a lazy Sunday.
I feel like Philip K. Dick has been trying to pull my third eye open recently. Don't know how else to describe the sensation of everything staying the same but different.


Anonymous said...

I've seriously got to thank you for the link to the AOL searches. I broke my foot and am a laid up gimp, so I take my hilarity where I find it, and those had tears streaming down my fucking face. The wine might have helped...

glad you're happy, drew. :)


Spider Girl said...


Although you may be a bored homebound cripple, I don't recommend you try it; imagine your chagrin if it gets stuck? Beer is better enjoyed orally, and there are other ways you can pass the time, such as Parcheesi.