Thursday, August 24, 2006

I've never seen a white girl eat jerk chicken like that! That means you got some soul in you!

Dude, best compliment of my LIFE, given by a toothless black lady at the Jamaican place past Gates where I rode Brandon's bike today w/ B. I always thought being a messy eater was the bane of my existence, but apparently it gives me street cred in Brooklyn. Holla! I need to get a bike, even though I'll probably kill myself.
SO: I haven't been updating since I've been pulling 12 hour coat-check duty for work, only to find out after the big conference is over that they won't be needing me after next week. What. The. Fuck. Luckily, I assumed as much and already scheduled an interview with Rockafeller university's PR department tommorow. Also, doing the Craigslist thing. I have a nice little bundle of money saved up too, so I'll be fine for a little bit. I need a job with healthcare. In the meantime, I'll continue pulling shifts at GBM.
Turns out Freddie gets free shit at BP due to something with his parents, so we basically bought out the store yesterday and came home with as much beef jerky, chips, sparks, soda, soup, and beer as we can carry. Then we took a cab home.
Pluto is no longer a planet. Capernicous BULLSHIT!

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Chas Chesterfield Esq. said...

Now was the toothless woman also eating chicken, because I'd imagine that sans les dentures, it would be a difficult proposition.

*sheds tear for Pluto*

Lord of the Underworld in crazy out-dated polytheistic system, we hardly knew ye.