Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Help me baby Jesus! Help me Jewish guy! Help me Allah! Help me Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft to get the fire off of me!

Jesus, Ricky Bobby was on point.
"I would just like to retire to Switzerland where me and my husband can go about making a currency for dogs and cats to use."
Does it bother ANYONE else that Ali G really looks like this guy:

Seriously now, Sasha Baron Cohen is like, really attractive. Monique kept saying, "yea, but where is he FROM?" even though I told her he was from London and was merely Jewish, not ambiguously ethnic. Being attracted to Ali G. is sort of comparable to looking around one night at the family dinne rtable and realizing your creepy uncle who always smells a bit off is looking mighty good these days. Yea. THAT kind of disturbing.

Anywho, I've made it my daily goal to set up some Zen time on my roof where it's just me, some Philip K. Dick (reading Man in a High Castle, which I believe is his first published book and is about Nazi's winning WW2) and the J train rumbling directly across from me. Good times. My roof is just that much closer to heaven.
Does anyone else think that the opening to Pinball Wizard is just kickin? Like the sound starts out entirely on one side with those guitars, and then suddenly it just busts out "ba-baaaaam!" on the left side of your brain and the song starts. Yeaaaaaaaaa!! Its getting my psyched just thinking about it. Such a major power chord right there.
Im sure nothing is more annoying than a chick who keeps reiterating how AWESOME life is living in Brooklyn with a bunch of cool people and free booze, but hell yea. No one here is a jerk (so far). Everyone seems to just accept me with a grain of salt. While rollerskating into the laundry mat yesterday, I ran into Nate B, who I used to do Covered Bridge theatre with back in DE. He seemed a little weirded out to see me. But then again, I was flailing around on rollerskates trying to navigate between detergent and smoking a cigarette. Some kids got out those wheelie shopping cart-esque things at the laundry mat and we had a race.
Doesn't this seem to be an Onion Headline?
Okay, I actually have (busy)work to do today, tommorow begins the hellish descent into waking up at 6 am to go sit at a hotel and watch tv all day.
Whoa is me.

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