Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'll build a house inside of you, I'll go in through the mouth, I'll draw three fingers on your heart

one of them will be me as a boy
one of them will be me
and one of them will be me watching you run
into the high noon sun
Sorry for the long delay, have been really busy at work and life. This week and next week are super-intense at the office since it is Columbia Law Students' interview time with firms. Im going to be getting up at 6 am on thurs, fri, and then next mon-wed to go to a hotel and sit on my ass there.
By the way, if someone in this audience has not listened to Wolf Parade recently, they should. They are much better than all those other bands with wolf in the title.
Also, I've been thinking: If you were given information that you knew was true, specifically that you were going to die being mauled to death by wolves, would you be able to enjoy your time left on earth? Or would your life be consumed by envisioning exactly what itwould feel like to have sharp claws and fangs rip you to shreds?
I thought about this while Prince was gnawing me to death. Prince is the Zjeoko's (sp??!) puppy who is half wolf and half the most adorable thing you've ever seen. Im pretty sure it just lives at the Sister Ray office. Then I went home and Max went batshit insane when he smelled another dog on me.
Hannah is coming up on friday, which is awesome because I realized the other night that I probably think about my sister more than I think about any other human being on this planet, with the exception of myself. For someone who was such a non-entity during my childhood, Hannah now occupies more mindspace than any current crush I might have. Is this disturbing? She got a tattoo of herself for her 18th birthday:

Hilarious. Sunday night, I texted Jason with a random quote from the middle of this amazing Philip K. Dick novel, just something totally arbitrary I wrote while drunk. Jason wrote back "VALIS!" which made me happy because it means the universe does align in some non-random way. Awesome. Hey, I take my theology where I can find it. Luckily, I am a very simple person who can't really grasp higher concepts of god and metaphysics, which honestly makes life pretty sweet and generally care-free.
Here is me converted to a comic book villian care of Freddie's super-technologically advanced computer.

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