Thursday, August 10, 2006

Please don't decieve me when I hurt you its not the way that it seems

I woke up this morning after working two jobs with only an hour break the entire day, covered in disgusting hives all over my body. Like, giant red angry welts. I've spent the morning with the new girl at work (same job as me- dicking around on the internet) googling facts about hives and rashes, trying to determine if they are caused by my body trying to fight off infections from the cuts on my arm (maybe, since its really red and blotchy where the abraisons are, but its also all over my legs which sort of doesn't make sense) or an allergic reaction to the painkillers a nice coworker gave me after my arm got all fucked up (i think Im allergic to codeine or Vicodin or maybe just tylenol in general since this has happened before when I take painkillers, but on the other hand it usually affects my face and right now my face is free of welts, praise Allah), or a combination of the above two and the heat (but its not hot out!)
Anyway, I took some benodryl and it seems to have decreased if not disappeared completely.
Last night Sam Rauch came and hung out at GBM without me even having to beg to get his ass to Bushwick. It was really cool of him, and I made lots of money in tips. Some guy tipped seven bucks for a two dollar can of PBR. Nice. Bekim and I horsed around behind the bar, Natalie showed up, and after work we all went and smoked on my roof.
Once again, life has proven to be pretty spectacular, except for my slowly decomposing body and its never-ending lists of ailments.
So here's the breakdown:
Tonight: shower, veg, watch my new cable television
Tommorow: work, get paycheck (woot!), go to sold out Sonic Youth/ Yeah Yeah Yeah concert with D. at McCarren Park (sp?) which I am so excited and fidgity for (and not just for the concert.... D. is a regulation hottie and this invite seriously came out of left field seeing as how I've only met him once and I'm pretty sure he thinks Im a creepy stalker.)
Sat: Go upstate to Orange County (the O.C.! Please stop calling it that) w/ Killer B to hang out with her goats, chickens, and pool. I hope I can get off my shift and GBM for Sunday so I dont have to worry about leaving her place at like, 6 am. Plus, I want to see Deerhoof on Sunday.
In other news: MY SISTER IS 18!!! That's legal mofos.

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Spider Girl said...

maybe its syphillus.
i hope your rash clears up before your date.

does it hurt when you urinate?

this would have been a poem, if I could think of anything that rhymes with syphillus.