Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This woman in the next office has just used the word "Amazing" twenty nine times on the phone in the last ten minutes.

I counted.
Today I've had to input TONS of numbers from one spread-sheet to another. It's pretty awful. My eyes are burning! My eyes are burning!
Not much else: except that I might get to see a cute boy tonight.
Tommorow is Nick's b-day party and B and I are going to make a chocolate cake! HOORAY!
I like that I can just stay in Bushwick and have a good time. That's really going to come in handy since like, I'm really trying to expand my friend circle past those two ex-boyfriends (for lack of a better term). Maybe one day I will meet a boy whose company I enjoy and who doesn't think I'm a total sociopath.
I doubt it though.
I'm like, twenty pages away from finishing White Teeth. I'll finish it up on the way home, I guess.
I'd really really like an iPod. Or headphones.
Also a scale. I feel like a blimp.
Okay. Enough of this. Back to your regularly scheduled movie reviews.

1 comment:

Spider Girl said...

scales are the pawn of the devil.
ipods are at least as neccessary as air.
and, you are a sociopath.
Don't blame yourself, though.
Blame your parents.