Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hard Candy

Monique and I watched it at Goodbye Blue Monday today, courtesy of one of those Asian dvd women selling pirated copies. Pretty good quality though. Movie itself was AWESOME. Totally a headfuck on the "creepy pedophile meets sweet young thang on the internet" motif. The chick put on an amazing performance up until the end, (what was with that whole "I am every young girl you've ever molested!" speech? Not needed. We get it.)
My favorite part was when the guy is trying to bargain out of the situation, saying being outted as a child molester would be punishment enough, since it would ruin his career.
"Didn't Roman Polanski just win an Oscar?"
Then I went to Chris' and played Ms. Pacman for a really, really long time.
USAISAMONSTER played tonight at my store.
Aaaaaaaand....that was my day. Was supposed to watch Agira but missed out for the billionth time. Eventually I will see a Hertzog film. No, I saw that one about the teacher whose about to get the award at the university. What was that called? Something about apples? Am I making that up?

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