Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'll take my chances I forgot how nice romance is, this hasn't happened for the longest time

Blagh. I need to stop hanging out with people who lead me to self-fulfilling prophecies of annoyingness. BREAK THE CYCLE, VIDEODREW!
As much as I need my ego kept in check by kids who won't take my shit, I'd also like to spend at least SOME time around people who genuinely seem to enjoy my company. I mean, sometimes I feel like the people I spend time with purposely try to make me upset because they know I have certain buttons that are really easy to push.
Okay, enough. My hobbies are interesting. Look!

Also, the first quote in Overheard today could have been me:
Girl, singing: Take me on! I'll be gone, in a day or twooo!
Mother: I couldn't stand that crap when it was released. Now you're screaming it in my ear? I'd rather hear that shit they play nowadays, even if it's disgusting and perverted. Why can't you sing that?

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