Friday, July 28, 2006

In dreams you're mine all of the time in heaven in dreams in dreams

For serious. I need to stop having nightmares about worms and snakes. I LIKE snakes! I used to own two ball pythons and a huge corn snake! What's with these nightmares? I think its because Im deathly afraid of getting worms from Butthead Janet.
Anyway: the night before last it was some weird disease that people were shooting into their veins, I think we called it Scanners but it didn't involve precogs or make your head explode. What it DID do was make giant black snakes come out of every single one of your orifices. I remember watching the elephants in the zoo with snakes for eyes and about four trunks. I was trying to save my sister and track down the ice-cream man who had a frozen Snickers bar that could save us all....
Then last night Slaine and I were going to prison, but it was a low-security prison where the guards placed us according to our interests (mine was creeks and pills). But in the creek there were snakes that shot out these ticks that would attach themselves to your arm and suck you dry. The only way to get rid of these tick swarms was by dousing yourself in brine water. Like, water that was saturated with tiny shrimp.
I dunno; my subconcsious is weird. The best part was right before I fell asleep two nights ago, I was thinking about crap games, and then I had that weird dream and I woke up thinking "snake eyes". I love visual puns!
So, hopefully first paycheck today. Then MoMa with Harry and B.T.

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