Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oh to be torn 'tweenst love and duty, s'posin' I lose my fair-haired beauty, look at that big hand move along nearin' high noon

Saw High Noon last night in Bryant Park with B, Jo, Grace, her friend, Chris, and James. There were these crazy homeless guys behind us, one of whom fell asleep before the show and rolled onto B's computer. When he woke up and asked for a cigarette, B said she wouldn't give him one because he'd crushed her computer, to which he responded, "But you've seen my balls! Give me a cigarette! (to other bum friend) Did you hear that? She saw my balls and won't give me a cigarette!"
Best overheard in NY, ever.
The movie itself was pretty awesome, although wasn't much of a soundtrack (basically that one song over and over again, sometimes switching to a minor key) and I don't really see why it was targetted for an "unAmerican" film with Communist sympathies during the McCarthy era, since if anything it shows us how group mentality is cowardly and complacent. But nevertheless, Zinnemann got blacklisted, and only retroactively was this movie placed on the top 100 best American films. Which REALLY doesn't make any sense since Gary Cooper was about as anti-communist as you can get. I guess, in another way, it can be seen as an allegory the way the Crucible was; being turned against by friends and family looking to save their own skin and wishing "not to get involved". I dunno.
In other news: Grace Kelly is hot and props to James for realizing the Deputy Marshal was played by that guy from Airplane, Mr. Lloyd "I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue" Bridges.
I'm not really all about Westerns, but some of the shots in this movie were really great, especially just those long shots of the empty train tracks converging in the distance. Too bad I was really distracted by how much one of the lunkies looked like Luke Wilson.
Also, this movie was shot in a documentary, and the events happened in real time.
One of these statements is true.

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