Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mattie versus Drew

So as all of your probably know by now, Mattie Clark sent out an email last night from my account that said I was really bad at signing off people's computers when I was done. He also said I didn't ask his permission to use his computer, which is complete b.s. He was just too wasted to remember that I asked and he was all like "blurgh blargh sure!" Also he is taking illegal narcotic drugs that impaired his faculties to such an extent that instead of making a hi-larious joke of sending emails to some of my friends, he sent the message to literally ANYONE I've EVER emailed.
- friends of my parents (sort of funny)
-Exes of my exes (not funny)
-Prospective employers (oh my god please god no)

I guess i could have retailiated and changed his facebook account status that he left open on my computer, but that would be childish. Instead, here's my favorite photo of Mattie so you can look into the face of the devil:

PS- I bought Batman tickets for midnight on Thurs. Who's coming with me? I have one extra ticket for the first reply.


Perhaps a Parrot said...

Shit Drew, I'll take you up on that. If I lived in New York I'd be all over that. Gotham's gunna BURN!!!

Long live the New Flesh said...

Gotham deserves a new class of email spammers, that's for sure.