Monday, November 12, 2007

Study shows: Conservatives,liberals, purples love Mario

Got some bad news yesterday which I can't really talk about now, but got some AWESOME news in the form of an interview with huffpo-lite as their "pop cultural editorial (paid) intern".
So in celebration, here is a crazy study on huffpo about the different political demographics that entertainment's movers and shakers are trying to get a hold of. No, not the reds, not the blue's, but the PURPLE'S.

People with purple taste like all the broadcast networks and a lot of primetime programming, including police procedurals, game shows and reality programming. They watch a lot of Fox News and they like daytime and children's programming more than other people. They like to read non-fiction, including self-help books and biographies, but they like mysteries and thrillers best. Rock music is their favorite -- they don't like classical or folk music as much as other people. Their favorite video games are Mario, Donkey Kong and Madden NFL. They don't seek out entertainment with political themes, and they're far less likely to read books about politics or current events than other people.

All three groups super love Mario though. Weird, since he is a lower-middle-class, blue-collar immigrant (like Superman! The ubermench is white-collar, I guess)

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Ariella said...

So i read that purple thing and it seems like the biggest developement we've seen in recent polls is that despite all of our differences in every facet of life, everybody fuckin loves mario. And armed with this new information, i can now take over the world.