Friday, November 09, 2007

Atlantic Attic Part Two

Its on Knickerbocker and Flushing, a little bit more on knickerbocker. 7,000 square feet of clothing. The most amazing fucking place in the world- spent 100 dollars there on 10 items of clothing including two pairs of boats (10 dollars each), an army jacket (7 dollars and now I can realize my dream of becoming the chick from Freaks and Geeks and a beautiful/weird dress with a crepe skirt and sequined corset top (15 dollars). It, like every other dress (and pants!) I buy lately is SKIN tight and requires other help while zipping up. Which means on at least three occasions in the past month I have walked half-dressed out into the open and begged some lady to zip me up. In this case it happened to be two hippies that were perusing the pottery section.
Several choice phrases included in this process included:
"I think it might be a bit too tight..."
"is this skin or part of the dress?"
"You don't need a bra with this"
"is your skin caught in this?"
"Maybe you could get it taken out a bit"
"holy need to buy that dress"

The last being from the salesguy. I listened to him because really, who else am I buying the dress for, except Jose?

Seriously, you need to see the shoes.
Money well spent- now I can look like a Wes Anderson/Judd Apatow hybrid for the rest of winter. Which clearly is the place for chubbier girls, since the "anemic, ano American Apparell model" just wasn't cutting it anymore.

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