Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Why is Fox Reality having AWARD SHOWS NOW? GODDAMNIT!

Not only are they locking people into the Cube, but now Fox Reality Channel (seriously, where is this station?) has hosted its own Awards Show that features Danny Bonaduce flipping out at some dude who's clearly the Andy Dick of reality television (oh no wait, I forgot that Kathy Griffin already has her own show....zing!) and backflipping him.

Apparently the guy lost a few teeth. This is a quality programming, I swear to christ. If this is what America is coming to, I hope we all get bombed (or at least LA)


Ariella said...

two days ago i realized i have the fox reality network. omg it's so freakin awesome! like, what will they think of next?? the untapped potentional of reality tv is intense!!! and neverending! but i saw the final episode of solitary 2.0, it was freaking GREAT!!!! you have just got to see it.

ariella said...

see this is why you should come to baltimore. so that we can cuddle up and watch the fox reality channel until our eyes bleed!!