Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When good products go bad

So I was eating some pizza today with my friend Brett and I thought "I have these jalapeños peppers here in the fridge, lets throw them on!"
So we sliced them, threw 'em on, and they were good. Then, later tonight, as I was applying a new coat of Sugar's "Plump 'Em Up" which warrants Amazon reviews such as these.
Sugar Plump 'Em Up is decent. It burns the hell out of your lips. Don't get this stuff on the outside of your lips or you'll have red skin.

Ok? With me so far? So then Steve brings me some MORE pizza from Danny's and Im like, good excuse for more peppers! Right?

Wrong. Deadly Wrong.

Ok, that's the result for burn victim on google images. Work with me here. Suffice to say I spent the next 30 minutes in agony, managed to spread the oil all over my face by holding ice-cubes on my lips, and had to spend another 30 an hour coating my face in milk to neutralize the burn.

Oh yea, and I was/am bartending through all this.
Surprisingly, I'm making a lot of tips for someone who looks like they have just participated in a bukake episode. HURRA! Oh well, at least I'm not this FUCKED UP FUCKER.

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