Monday, September 17, 2007

The rooms haven't been moving in circles, WE HAVE!

So, I read on Ariella's blog about that show Solitary. It sounds horrific....and yet?
From Wikipedia:
The show calls itself a "social experiment" in determining the physical and mental endurance of the competitors.
From the beginning, there are several mental challenges. The show's theme is based on solitary confinement; accordingly, the contestants are placed in isolated pods, with only an artificial intelligence named Val to communicate with.
The show begins, if applicable, with the remaining contestants performing the treatment that ended the prior episode.

After the treatment concludes, Val observes the players and alters the environment somewhat, such as not permitting the players to sleep or eat or precluding access to a player's personal items.

Next is a test, a mental challenge which is made more difficult by the players' physical condition. The challenges themselves are somewhat difficult to begin with; deteriorating physical and psychological condition makes these challenges even harder.

The first player to pass the test is granted immunity from the subsequent treatment, a physical challenge which often contrasts with the conditions applied in the episode. Players are challenged with a bed of nails after being deprived of sleep, or an endless feast after starvation.

The first player to quit the given challenge, either voluntarily or through a bodily rejection of the challenge, is eliminated from the program.

The player who eventually wins the program is given $50,000.

PLEASE READ THIS ENTRY! Its like, in one episode they starve everyone and then make them continuously eat until one vomits (after 19 courses). Other "contests" involve trying to solve these complex mathematical equations to shut off alarms so they can sleep. They are brainwashed, tortured, starved, frozen, and forced to sleep on a bed of nails. For 50 grand? Puh-lease.

Haha, Fox reality channel is ridonk. WTF??

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ariella said...

thanks a lot now all these random people are going to go read my emo-ass blog, those poor people have to read through all my whiny little problems before they can hear about Solitary. you just have to see that show is ridiculous. just horrible mental and physical torture for money!!! yay the world is so superspecial.