Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh HELL NO (pt 2)

So THEN, like an hour ago this big fucking creepy guy who always comes in here and harasses people and never buys anything but uses our bathroom and panhandles, comes in to do exactly that. When I tell him to leave (as everyone does, after which he silently walks his creepy ass away....) he tells me to "not fuck with him today, bitch".
So I'm like "if you aren't buying anything, get out!" more like, fiercely? Even though if you can imagine me and my love of confrontation......
Then he says,
"You have to walk the streets at some point, you better watch it"
Are you threatening me?
"Yea Im threatening you"

Then Im actually very upset and go "get the FUCK OUT" and go call Steve, but honestly what's the fucking point, this neighborhood is shit and people are shit and everything sucks except collaging the bathroom and this website

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