Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Average American Male

pretty much sucked. It was all trying to be Brett Easton Ellis and shit but instead settled for mentioning how much he wanted to slip it in every girl's ass and wondering how cum look dribbled down his mother-in-law's chin. Which wasn't so much "explosive" and "provocative" as the reviews put it, but just sort of "eh, tell me something I didn't know."
Or, not even. I just felt like I could have written this book, it was so formulaic. It didn't really take any risks at all. It was a dirtier High Fidelity. It was a tamer Rules of Attraction/American Psycho. It didn't have anything new to say about the male psyche, nor did a good job of giving a subversive commentary/parody of what women think men think about.
their viral marketing for this book is genius. First off, who makes commercials for books?. Secondly, this ad for it was fucking ridiculous:

All in all, the whole shtick reminded me of an Axe Body spray commercial in book form. But it was a pretty engaging read, and I sort of compulsively read it all day, even during lunch with J's parents, which probably didn't make the best impression and definitely cast a depressing view on the whole futility of the mating process in general but ESPECIALLY meeting your significant other's parents.

Um, in other news, I watched Scanners tonight with Dwight and it was rad. Especially cuz the bad guy was the lieutenant from Starship Troopers. You know, the one armed dude. Also, he was the voice of Darkseid on the animated Superman, which makes him just about as great as Mark Hamil in my book.
Question: Will Mark Hamil remain the best joker to date after the new batman comes out?
Fact: Yes.
So yea, sorry for the lack of updates but my life has devolved into one of those things where I have a very set schedule of bike riding, sex, and scrabble. Oh, and meetings.

Oh look, that creepy effeminate-Keifer-in-Lost-Boys dude is back. Hooray for him.
Time for bed.

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