Monday, June 11, 2007

You're going to reap just what you sow

Still on the subject of my previous post: I hope y'all read the NYT article about horror films that was out yesterday.

More importantly (definately untrue) I realized something about myself yesterday. Im a complete homebody. I hate going out, I can't stand parties or large crowds of people...hell, most of the time I cant even drag myself DOWNSTAIRS for free beer and live music.
But after getting super depressed after taking the "your NY age" quiz in Time Out (it was what if I can recognize Kirsten Chenowith but not LCD Soundsystem?!?!
Anyway, that is to say, I decided to pack it up (and in) and join Natalie's entourage while she cohosts The Factory tommorow night:

Well, cohosts. With Amanda Lapour (sp?) who is that super famous drag-queen or something. I get in for free and free drinks, but I have to wear a wife-beater with gold lame underwear and high heels. And nothing else. Which, in theory, is totally up my alley, but ever since I weighed myself for the first time in a year it seems....less my deal (dude I KNEW these t&a couldnt have come from nowhere!). Not to mention that I usually get too tired/intimidated/cranky at large gatherings to be nice. Although, according to ppl, that's sort of the point of being part of the +1 set. I dunnnnnnnno.
Also: I think emily b. from Oberlin invited me to some show on friday? although I can't be sure, Im just deducing this from who was on the guest list and who wasn't. Honestly, it could be anyone, but when I get emails from someone called Suspicious Package I tend to get a little worried.

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ariella said...

i sent you a message on myspace. go read it.