Thursday, June 14, 2007

cos I own this town, Yeah, I brought it to its knees, Can you hear it crying? Can you hear it begging to me "Please?"

Being semi-employed is wonderful. It really is. Oh sure, Im going to barely be able to scrape rent together tomorrow, but I love waking up at noon, rolling out of bed, cooking lunch (oh my god we have a working stove and oven for the first time since October!!!), then going downstairs and spending the rest of the day with friends. Today I recruited Felise and Hannah to come to Mike's bbq, which ended up as this sort of caberet festival with grills, dogs (live, not hot) and Scrabble.
Mike loarding over the meat, looking like my grandpa:

Felise, the punkrock model and my hero:

Hannah with her ever changing Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Hairdo:
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Dread-ful performer with a fiddle:

The Happy Scrabble couple:

In OTHER News:
Sam's blog is amazing. Last night Drew asked what I was thinking around three am and I just sighed and said "Blogs". I was just contemplating how severely jealous I am that Sam has been blogging for like, two days, and already has interesting shit and breaking news and like, I dunno...SOMETHING TO SAY, as opposed to writing about his day and showing crap pictures from his cameraphone. The shit about American Apparel and the Splasher is nuts.
But yea, I dont think thats the answer thats expected when a guy asks what you are thinking about while lying quietly in bed.
Speaking of Drew: I really like him. I really, really like him. I had like, eight nightmares last night and he woke me up from every one. And my friends like him. And this is a good feeling I havent had in awhile, so Im not going to jinx it by confiding in my blooooooooger about it. Just...its a nice feeling.
Last night Sam, Myra, Grace,Drew and I hung out in the back of GBM with this fetus dog that I WISH I ahd taken a picture of. That dog was so fucking sedate. Even though it looked like a premature baby, it was so docile I thought it was high. You could flip it onto its stomach in your hands, throw it up in the air, make it dance on two legs- it just totally complied. It was wonderful.
Oh I forgot to write about the Black Bean Grill Movie night (aka the other thing to do in there's TWO!) It was actually pretty rad- they showed Beatlejuice and Batman Returns, they had keg beer for three bucks and AMAZING cocktails/well drinks for five. And the food was INCREDIBLE- I had these sweet fried plantains and the owner (forgot his name, shit) came out and gave me this huuuuge plate of yukon chips and guacamole....all homemade. It was seriously to die for, I told him to bring some to the GBM bbq on Sat (EVERY sat!) and see if we could work out a deal where we bought some shit for him because we NEED food in here thats not just those baked goods.
Jerry was surprisingly nice, but even MORE surprisingly, I spent half the night talking to his girlfriend about Neil Labute. She was bartending and made me the most awesome french martini that I unfortunately didnt get to drink any of, because I got wrapped up in this dude Shamus' story about how he rode his bike to the Towers on 9/11 and hadnt heard any news so he WENT IN and took the stairs to the third floor before realizing something was WRONG....then he ran out and saw all teh cops, fireman, etc. Story was INSANE, and by the time it was over I was drunk so I just went home feeling tipsy.
Some guy came up to me on the street and was like "you okay?" and I said "nah, feeling sick"
He walked two paces, came back and said "you a cop?"
"uh, no?"
"you need some junk?"
"Do i LOOK like I need junk?"
"You said you were sick..."
"I dont need any junk"
....But hey, now I know how to buy heroin on the streets of bushwick! Good to know!
Ricardo is playing in the store tommorow and I signed up to work. So I'll miss Emily Bielagus' burlesque show at the Slipper Room but I think she's playing at Rafifi next week so its' all good.
I need to fix my bike.

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