Saturday, June 02, 2007

Won't you take me to *funnnnky tooooown*?

Eternal Sunshine is such a great movie. I think after it blew up to Garden State popularity (and was pretty much always associated with that Zach Braff disaster-which i nonetheless respect- on tween's Myspace pages) I sort of resisted it and acted TCFS.
But: watching it with Drew last night I remembered how well-crafted, visually-stunning, and some other conjoined words it was.
Also: super relatable (not a word, I know.) You show me someone who doesn't identify with parts of this movie and I will show you someone with a heart of stone.
MOVING ON: then we went to a vitage store in the Slope and I got earrings, then Indian Food, then to the end of the Animal Collective Show (last three songs, w00t!) Then Sam's roof to visit his new place in Williamsburg and revisit Herculese- the cutest puggle in the world- and his new lady friend, Lovely. Sam's new roomates seem really awesome. There was barbeque and Max Willens, but eventually Drew and his roomate Mike and I all left to go to Rubala (sp?) show. We walked through a mile of Hasid's coming out of temple and I was STILL dressed like a prostitute- I felt my ancestors looking down on me in shame.
But the party itself? Was seriously the most insane thing ever. It seemed to be a mix of Burning Man people and circus people and rave people. Except no one was trying to hug me, despite every drug in the known universe being available at this party, including stands selling pot brownies and rice crispie treats, as well as an absinthe bar. There were three floors of INSANITY that I couldn't even begin to describe (just like creepy day-glow art EVERYWHERE, and people dressed up and bands playing weird music and art structures and even trying to describe it is making me sound like Im tripping, so I'll stop).
Max showed up and we climbed into this giant fort thing with blankets and pillows and ate our brownies and some dude climbed in and asked if we wanted to roll. Seriously, what IS this place? It's like nu-rave or something, except the music is so much cooler than rave music (there was an accordian solo act on one of the floors for awhile).
I spent most of the time on the roof because honestly after too long the downstairs started to freak me out.
I realized: I have a hard time "loosening up" in public anymore. I mean, around people I don't know. While my friends can seemingly start conversations with anyone, I am usually too closed-off or introspective (ha! I know right, but when you consider the introspection another way for me to be histrionic, you'll see that it makes PERFECT sense). So Drew and I eventually take a cab back home and I realize I have spent ALL the money I made on thurs. night- I HAVE to be more careful. That's terrifying that I can spend all that mnoey without thinking if not careful.

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