Friday, June 01, 2007

Im so glad someone put this in overheard:

20-ish guy: So, I should just ask: Can I come in and fuck your brains out?
20-ish girl: You don't have to be all Tarantino about it, but yeah.
Its oppressively hot and I am dressed like a prostitute. I don't have air conditioning so I think Im gonna go over to Drew's. He doesn't have air-conditioning either but yesterday I convinced him to watch The Cube with me at 6 am and today I feel like watching Eternal Sunshine, so this way I wont have to watch movies alone.
Speaking of: I caught part of Royal Tenenbaums on tv yesterday and wow I had forgotten how hilarious that movie is. And Rushmore, which now that I think about it, is exactly where that Decemberists video took its iconography from.
But damn, Wes Anderson is the king of the underwhelmed. That scene with Bill Murray and Gwenyth Paltrow where he's like "are you seeing someone else?" and she says "I cant even think about how to answer that question right now" or some shit, and Bill Murray sighs, picks up a tea-cake and says totally dead-pan
"Well....I just want to die"
And then just puts the cookie to his mouth, pauses, sighs again, and puts it down.
Just brilliant.
Bang your can tommorow.
I hung out with Matty and Mike and Will and Ryan and Bridget at the bar yesterday and realized how depressing it was to spend four years in college with people who you dont really like and who didnt really like you. I guess going to PDF with my high school friends also proved this, since all my high school friends have gone off the fucking deep-end but one thing you could never say is that they are pretentious coke-sniffing douchewads. Maybe it has something to do with not going to college (except Elise who is a fucking chemist and Andrew who went to RISDY to make thrones celebrating David Karesh which I doubt is considered a liberal arts eduction even in its losest sense.)
Oh well.

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ariella said...

that is the sweetest compliment i have ever heard!!!