Sunday, June 24, 2007

Creepily accurate

This astrology chart:
In love they are fickle, not intentionally so but because of the basic inconsistency of their emotional nature, which has an amoral aspect to it. Their is a side to Geminians which can become deeply involved emotionally, and another, hostile to sentimentality, which stands back from a romantic situation, laughing at it and the protagonists in it, including themselves while analyzing it intellectually. Gemini subjects take nothing seriously. So, in love, in spite of their temporary depth of feeling, for the intensity of involvement lasts only while it is new, they are superficial, light-hearted, cool, flirtatious and unimaginative in the understanding of the pain they may give others. They like intrigue, the excitement of the chase, but once they have caught the prey, they lose interest and look around for the next creature to pursue. In less serious situations they make witty, entertaining companions, good acquaintances rather than friends. Even at their worst they are never dull - there is usually playfulness below the surface, and they can be brilliant conversationalists - but they can also be quarrelsome, prattlers, boasters, liars and cheats.

I just like the phrase "unimaginative in understanding the pain they may give others".
I remember what its like to have energy after nine pm, even if its horribly annoying to go to bed at six am and wake up at NINE because the fucking gospel choir is going CRAZY across the street. I swear to Christ, I bet the founder of the IRA lived across the street from a gospel church. Is that wrong? I feel like that's not a good thing to say.
But yea: there is this total maniac energy that has been all encompassing lately. It FEELS like being on tons of drugs. Weird. But I like being the life of the party, while not having to drink or anything. Like Oren said, I can get high on my newfound sense of superiority. Its the perfect drugs!!!

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