Tuesday, May 01, 2007

You never do what you know you ought to, something tells me you're the devil's daughter

Last night was so fucking fantastic. In fact, every day since friday's self-pity fest has been AWESOME, but last night was the best because Adam and I finally got some quality time that didn't just involve going to his place and crashing out. Instead, he picked me up from work (where I have a brand new Mac! Yeth! Totally time to read the new Fashion S.W.A.T.) and we went to Panna Two to eat Indian food and drink inexpensive Belgium fruit beer.
On our way back we spotted this hooka bar called, appropriately enough, Karma. Adam and I smoked honey shisha for like an hour and a half in this amazing opium-den-esque setting and just sort of acted like the sort of disgustingly cute couples I always disapprove of but secretly envy. Then we went back to my place and snuggled with Max for a bit, I showered and admired my new two-dollar bras from this place near penn station which is the SHIT (not Costco but something like it....for underwear!) Then it was back to Adam's apartment to watch Family Guy and basically tell each other how much we liked ourselves.
Sorry, don't mean to sound smug or anything, Im just so happy right now. Im glad I didn't bail out last week because I was feeling shitty and was getting my usual cold-feet that I get when dealing with nice guys who like me. Adam is just something so fucking special- I really think he's like my reward for making it in the city for (almost) a year and not giving up, even when things got completely overwhelming. I'm just so happy.....have I mentioned that yet?
Okay, gross, I'm going to stop now. In OTHER completely sachrine news: Sundays at the store have become the most amusing thing ever. For the past two weekends in a row its been hot guys coming in with completely crazy theories they want to expand upon, and Myra totally handing their asses back to them. It's fucking hilarious to see a guy who had just gone on a twenty minute rant about how cellphones are killing bees (while in the process misusing the term "karma" approximately a hundred times) become completely awed in the presence of Myra's mad philosphical and religious skillz. My ex-roomate is a perfect example of this phenomenon by the way, which couldn't make me happier because that means I can live vicariously through my friend and pretend like Sebastian actually has respect for me.
This has gone on loooong enough for such an annoyingly chipper Tuesday morning post. Let's chalk it up to the relief of not having felt sick in FOUR DAYS and having a built-in camera in my mac that allows me to constantly moniter my cuteness level (about 90 percent of my job, I'm convinced, besides sounding borderline call-girl when I answer the phone).
What do you think?

Postscript: Chris Harris' art show is on friday night in his new space! More info later, when I get the card in front of me.
ALSO: Daddy is coming on Saturday and staying till Monday! It's the first time he'll be in New York since I moved here and he'll get to see the store and meet my dog. Yayayay.
Ok. done now.

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