Monday, May 28, 2007

I never loved nobody fully Always one foot on the ground And by protecting my heart truly I got lost in the sounds

Sorry for the 2nd post today and the 2nd Regina Spektor reference in a week BUT I forgot this important epiphany where I no longer ever have to be involved with another human being for more than 24 hours becuase after that (especially true for insomniacs) I can basically map out how the entire relationship is going to go. I just cut down my dating time from 2 weeks to one day! Now all I need is to par it to about thirty minutes for sitcom consumption.
Yuck, but no it sucks because obviously you can't know someone after a short period of time, but you CAN know yourself and how'll you'll act and repress being a bitch until it all boils over into being the hugest bitch ever. Im incapable of not being a bitch. I think Im okay with that. I just want to put that out there when I first meet people so there are no wrong impressions that I am any of the following:
goofy (for your benefit)
adorably awkward
a "fixer upper"
Im pretty much born to be damaged goods and the only people I let stick around long enough to figure that out are even worse assholes than I am so there you go.

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Pogoff said...

Oy. . . Should I be saying, "What was I thinking?", or be glad to have bagged you for a few weeks?