Monday, May 07, 2007

A few perfect hours

read it. Done. Completed. Check it off the list.
Now onto Cool Hand Luke, so if I ever catch a snippet of it on tv I can say "the book is better" while sniffing my nose at Paul Newman's egg-eating antics (a phoentic alliteration if not a real one...still counts!)
Goodbye Blue Monday, a place that I've reffered to at times as "the store" "the bar" "my living room" "where I go to find the next ex Mr. Grant" now has
a blog

This is a very symbiotic relationship between the oft warring factions of space (one physical, one virtual) and I'm certainly not going to complain if I'm asked to write about the store.
Tonight I'm gonna go to Natalie's maze thing which sounds (please skip ahead to the bold text) a-mazing (oh god just keep skimming please) which features an OPEN BAR (there we go) as well weird music and a labrynth where everything is moving so in order to find the free bar you sort of have to figure out where THEY are first, and since they are constantly moving......oh my god. This reminds me of one of my all time favorite movies. Do you know what Im talking about?
Club Dread! Remember when they were on the island dressed as pacman and running around the maze? Man, that movie was not as good as Super Troopers!
Moving on: I dont care a whit for the lame reviews in Spiderman 3, I will see that movie.
Speaking of films: (prepare to blotz)
Brand Upon the Brain! In which the shocking truth is finally revealed about young Guy Maddin and his hellish childhood on a remote island, under the hyper-watchful eye of a crazed mother hellbent on restoring her youth and a diabolically distant scientist-father, proprietors of a mom-and-pop orphanage they surreptitiously operate within the dank confines of the family lighthouse. Watch! as the sex instinct grabs hold of young Maddin and his sister! Thrill! as the Mysteries of the Light House are divined by teen detectives! Reel! at the headstrong invention and heart-stopping rhythms of the elder Maddin¹s heroic silent moviemaking!!

With a LIVE Narrator! A Castrato!! Several Foley Artists!!! And an Orchestra!!!!

An Earth-shaking Live Spectacle, Coming to Select Theaters!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Oh yea, I got tickets to see it. Oh and who will be narrating that night, you ask? Oh, just CHRISPIN GLOVER! Im debating to get tickets for the Lou Reed/Laurie Anderson night, as well.
God I am psyched.

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