Friday, May 04, 2007


Also from IMDB:
The Dark Knight, the next in the Batman franchise (duh as if you couldnt guess) already released info on the Joker being played by Heath Ledger (thats going to suck). BUT: Harvey Dent? Is going to be played by the magnificent Aaron Eckhart. Christ that's going to be good. That's actually pretty perfect: I don't know any other Mormons who can convincingly dump a deaf girl by telling her that she was a bet. Now I'm totally getting ready to rock the cock of this flick.
Also: The Riches is pretty amazing, although I don't know what's more unconvincing: Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver with Southern accents, or Eddie Izzard being totally into boobs. Specifically, Minnie Driver's boobs. Oh well, she's sort of manish anyway.

Edit: wait, i don't think Eddie Izzard is actually gay right? Just a transvestite. Which is funny because on the show his ten year old son dresses in drag. And Minnie Driver has a mean cough syrup addiction, which is totally cute and redneck.0

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