Monday, April 23, 2007

Where are we going Toby? Im going to hit you over the head with a hammer

I got an interview *happy dance*
For a post-production company, as a receptionist. Super SUPER excited, the interview is tommorow and Im going to spend all day today preparing myself by taking catnaps, sunbathing, and dancing around naked at Adam's place while he is at work.
Adam got me a copy of Optic Nerve while he was in Boston........that's seriously like the perfect present. Im starting to believe Adam is my reward for going through tons of shit since I've moved to New York.
Well, to be fair, I've realized I don't have any reason to bitch. Not when I have the store. I basically spent the entire weekend at the store, just lying around or working, enjoying the ambiance of a setting designed for people to just come in and hang out, relax, shoot the shit, or play music. I don't know how I was lucky enough to stumble onto this place, but I do know that its much more important to me to have this job (that's not really a job so much as a lifestyle) than to keep crappy hours in a bullpen.
But still, Im happy to have an interview so quickly! And Im hoping this next job isnt convinced Im a drug addict because Im sick all the time :-(

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