Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dave Mathews is retarded

and holy SHIT! That episode was so hot. Red Forman kissing Dave Mathews was something I could never have even hoped to see in my lifetime save for the wonder that is House. And HOW HOT was that kiss between Cameron and House? HOW HOT?!?! All my make-out sessions are now going to involve a hyperdermic needle.
Ps Are Cameron and Chase dating now? When did that happen?

In other news, I am a loser who can't stay up past 10 pm on weekends. Someone shoot me. But not really.
Also daylight savings?When did that happen?
And to conclude: waiting for some dick to call you back because they are on "vacation from you" or whatever sucks especially when you have to tell them you got a new job so won't be bothering them with lies about coming to visit.

And here is my portrait of the morning: Buddy in nature (on my coat)

Man: Sooo, I had anal sex for the first time last night.
Woman: Did she swallow?

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