Friday, March 09, 2007

And when my brain talks to me it says:

YES! Starting Wednesday I am officially an employee of Mochila, doing a three month trial period (with the same pay rate as I got at Narrowstep) and then an evaluation where I could start being an employee with a SALARY! And benefits! And the office is so hip, with a lot of snazzy young people my own age, and I get to do a lot of web-surfing for my research position! HOLLA!
And also, because of Craigslist, I now have some bank, and will be getting even more next week! HEYA!!! What an awesome way to start the weekend!
Sorry I haven't updated at ALL this week, it's been super-hectic. Fever was GREAT and I got to drink champagne with Wallace Shawn and he was EXCELLENT and I am totally enamored with John for having a homemade Wallace Shawn poster on his wall when he was a kid. What a cutie. I made him (John, not Wallace Shawn) my patented "date dinner" on tuesday night- spaghetti and meatballs. Dessert were these awesome cupcakes from that Polish place on St. Mark's where Ben works.
So, all in all, life is awesome. I've been having mad love for my store recently, but what else is new? I think Sean Gill is having a party tonight and I'm gonna go to that, but otherwise I am planning to take it easy this weekend and bask in the glory of finding a job in today's harsh wintery economic climate.

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Ariella said...

YAY! i got a raise today!!!! 50 cents! that means i make like 80 dollars more on every paycheck!! SOOO FUCKING AWESOME. AND i just got my health insurance thing. i feel so accomplished! we rock!