Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And there is no sorry to be sorry for For a roll around the floor some afternoon so sound and soft

ugh i have been vomity all day. I dont understand how a human being can get as sick as I've been since I moved to new york. Its so gross. I need health insurance.
Do you ever just zone out thinking about how you wish your life was more like the Office? Well no, thats not exactly right. I just wish I had more time to WATCH the office, I guess. Again and again and again till some guy like Jim magically appears at Narrowstep.
ps- today i was talking to grandma pillz in line at lunch at that awesome Mediterranean place and was saying how I want to do video editing and some dude behind me was like "do you weork at narrowstep?" and it turns out he's some guy from Radar Mag down the hall and they are looking for a video editor!!!!
So I sent in my resume but unfortunately none of my videos are online because, frankly, I'm a giant retard.
But keep your fingers crossed and hope that the terrorists don't get a hold of my sleeper cell daughters.

"I'm only going to say this once.....condoms....feel.....weird!"

In other news: What the HELL, Hannah??!

Yea thats right. My sister got a tattoo of the date from Donnie Darko on the inside of her wrist. It would be sort of hypocritical to say that was the dumbest idea ever.....but come on! That date's already past! And at least my movie references aren't on a place where prospective job employers are going to look.
Ps-Donnie Darko is so 2002.

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