Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You complete me

I seriously have watched almost all of the American Office in the past three days. It has changed the way I view the world, honestly. Apparently, the world is a lot more awkwardly hilarious than I gave it credit for.
Somehow while I was gone for all of three or four days, my upstairs neighbors have opened a grilled cheese sandwich delivery service around bushwick. I kid you not. They make grilled cheese sandwiches and deliver them with beer. I'm going to volunteer a couple hours to keep the operation going. I mean, fucking grilled cheese delivery to stoned brooklyn kids? That's rad.

I never have enough time to watch my netflix. Im thinking about cancelling the service. God, when I'm blogging about netflix I think my life has reached a new low.

Oh! I have a phone interview at Kaplan tommorow which is great because, hey, SATs and health insurance? Where can we go wrong here?

Also I realized today that even for 600 dollars I will not give random guys blowjobs on camera. So you know, that felt good. To set some limits.
You know.

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