Sunday, January 21, 2007

I wish I could quit you

DAMN! The Catskills are fucking GORGEOUS. Brian and Jacob live in the coziest log cabin in the middle on the mountains. I feel like neither of them have seen a female in quite some time, but they were the best hosts. They had a stovepipe in the middle of the living room and we watched The Descent (scariest most claustrophobic movie ever) and a Simpsons dvd.
Seriously the view from the's like something straight outta Brokeback. Specially cuz the boys' were such cowboys. But not gay(?) For dinner we went to the BIGGEST HOUSE I'VE EVER SEEN, owned by friends of Jacob's parents. It was an amazing dinner party with fresh salmon, two types of pasta, salad, etc etc etc. I havent had a home-cooked meal in FOREVER. I was playing with this woman's 3 year old daughter Claire, pretending to be cats, and the woman asked me to babysit her in the city. Later I found out the woman who produced "Capturing the Friedmans". I know, what the FUCK?
It was like the most beautiful day/night EVER. I want to go back and live in upstate New York and help the boys out with their traveling brick-oven that they built. They are going to an ATV rally tonight to cater with their lowbed truck and portable oven that they built. Last night we just stood outside watching the fire crackle.
Now I have what amounts to the stupidist head cold ever. It makes me want to cut off my nose.

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