Monday, December 11, 2006

With all that power what would you do?

Did tons of stuff this weekend, though most of it seemed like it happened in a mall in White Plains.
Avi and I went to D&B where he won me two giant stuffed animals from a huge claw machine. We shot zombies for awhile in the arcade, and went to see Apocolypto. Which. was.
FANTASTIC. I guess I don't really care if he's anti-semitic, I mean, I do, but it's not going to change the fact that this movie rules. Besides all the gore which Im sure you've heard about by now (eating boar's testicles, head's getting sawed off and thrown down temple steps, a jaguar eating someone's face) there was also a SICK scene involving using a frog to make poison darts. It was like Rambo meets Gladiator. SICK.
I also bought that film Three Extremes for Sebastian but watched it myself first. It's three East Asian directors doing three short films. The middle one by the guy who did Old Boy was fucking macabre and hilarious, and the last one by takashi miike was better than Audition but not as good as Happiness of the Kutakamari's or whatever.
We also watched like, three hours of Mike Tyson's greatest fights, ate steak, and played Teckon 3. Pretty nice, relaxing weekend.
I came back yesterday and worked at the store, hung out with Elise which I haven't done if forever (her and Karelisa got along really well, which brings the number of my female friends up to....well, two). Greg came by, left, came by again. He's very surly. Also his name isn't greg but Im calling him that because I dont like the name Jerry and he looks like House. Well, at least I think he looks like House. Well....he's got really dark circles under his eyes and a constant five aclock shadow. It doesn't take much to impress me, honestly.
Matty came by and YAY MATTY IS BACK! We are going out tonight to eat at Panna 2 and get wasted at Rafifi's for his friend's engagement party. We also watched this crazy documentary that was half Arrested Development, half Deliverance. I forget what it was called but it was about this West Virginia guy who was a really good tap-dancer and was obsessed with Elvis. He was pretty hot but had like a 40 year old busted-ass hick wife that he would constantly threaten to beat up. We also watched the Twin Peaks SNL sketch:

and I finally found the music video to Yeah Yeah Yeah song:

Im obsessed. We also listened to the last 40 minutes of Jim Jones sermon during the Jonestown Massacre. It was too, too gruesome. You keep hearing children crying in the background and a nurse comes in and is like "dont worry, the children just dont like the bitter taste of the koolaid"
Yea, laced with arsenic and Valium, whats not to love? Oy. Then Karelisa got proposed to by Mike Jones who was selling X, weed, hash, and hats. IM FIENDING FOR SOME HATZ!
And i get to leave early today, which means it's DREADED LAUNDRY DAY.
Im almost done reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I wish I lived in Williamsburg in 1919. I could totally afford the rent.

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