Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two can be as bad as one, its the lonliest number since the number one

Avi bought me a hundred dollar gift card to victoria secret. And I ask you, who is this really a present for?!?!? Well, me I guess because DAY-UM I need some sexy lingerie. Hey guys, remember when i thought i was going to get that lingerie job? Me too.
tonight Im going out with Jen, our new black hair/short banged employee of GBM for a rockabilly show. It is also Matty's birthday, so we are going to get wasted and have him give us piggy-back rides.
Last night I saw Equilibrium which Avi brought, its like this futuristic sci-fi thriller with Christian Bale and Taye Diggs and Emily Watson. It had the illest fighting scenes pre-Matrix, ever.
Today we watched a Married with Children Marathon, some Rob and Big (is that the name of the show?) on MTV, and HOOK!
One day I will give my whole thesis on why Captain Hook is the most multi-dimensional villian in a story EVER, but for right now I think its enough to agree that Dustin Hoffman makes the BEST Hook (although I really like in productions when Captain Hook is played by the father of the Darlings, thus turning him from an over-stressed, ineffectually impotent overloard to a somewhat sexually charged, handsome and dangerous figure with a predeliction for young children) with his "Good Form!" and all. All in all, I LOVE HOOK.
So I'm working tommorow morning and get to stare at our christmas tree, which has a broken-elvis-head nativity scene underneath. Featuring a troll, Uncle Sam, Godzilla, and an elephant, among others.
Our background for the computer says "Merry Christmas- You're going to hell" or something to that effect.
I just ate three hot tamales from Cactus, and they were delicious.

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Ariella said...

i also loved hook and i also saw it yesterday on the tele and i also think dustin hoffman is the hottest most awesomest hook ever. run home jack! happy hannukah, fool.