Sunday, December 24, 2006

No ai banda

Things I learned in the last 24 hours:
1) There is now a dry Skeleton. Bad for him, good for me because he convienently has a car and drove me to the city to Arlene's Grocery last night.
2) Rockabilly music has great hooks.
3) Bartenders in New York are always trying to rape you. That means you can only except about 50% of the free drinks that they offer, because they will contain 200% more alcohol than normal.
4) Ocean's 11 is a fine film and all, but there is no point trying to explain Soderbergh's vision to an entire pizza parlor at three am. Especially when you can't form a coherent sentance to save your life.
5) People seem more irate than concerned when they see a girl sprawleed out on the floor of the F train. At least someone kicked me awake at my stop.
6) When you wake up parched at 6 am...2 litre pepsi? WORST IDEA EVER.
7) Sometimes you just have to lip-synch. Even if you suck at it.
8) Gaining weight= huge breasts.

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