Tuesday, December 26, 2006

thank god christmas is over

I spent christmas getting dumped/dumping/"ending it" or whatever with the one guy that I've really found myself liking in god knows how long.
There seemed to be a two-fold problem:
1)I was getting "too serious"
2) I made a huge mistake in hooking up with my boyfriend this weekend.
I guess those two things seem incongruent to me, I dunno.
Whatever, his issues, not mine, I guess I've taken something out of this: even when you're on your guard about things you have to REALLY be on your guard about things.
From now on Im refusing to have agood time with anyone ever, give credit to anyone's sense of humor, or imagine that I can actually be in a functional relationship for more than two weeks.
So Christmas was spent in tears, today is spent in "eh, fuck it". Except it ruins my new years plans which was going to be "avoid Oberlin at all costs" and now Im going to have to stop running away from the messes I made of other people's lives because I'm functionally retared.
Twenty bucks says James never talks to me again, anyway.
I need a therapist. BIG TIME.
Okay, well at least I got something out of this mess. Jerry bought me a four month subscription to david lynch's website and there is an adorable puggle I have to say goodbye to.
You can't always get what you want, I guess.

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