Wednesday, December 27, 2006

No more blue tommorows

Things I am thankful for:
1) Sam Rauch being home. Sam Rauch is my savior. I love Sam Rauch.
2) Free tequila shots.
3) Anti-semitic Scottish bartenders that totally fall for the "fake sleep" deal even if you are outside and its below 20 degree.
4) Going to work at 9 am and when asked why you are in so early replying "I was hung-over and couldn't fall back asleep until noon like normal"
5) Being invited to Miranda and Hesper's New Year's party in Carroll Gardens
6) Gatorade. Totally replacing pepsi as my post-hang over drink of choice.
7) My mom finally getting laid and it being like, a huge fucking family affair.
8) James coming home in three days. Seeing him in about five.
9) my seemingly endless ability to piss off the Radar Magazine staff across the hall.
10) The Vice book I stole from Zach to make up for the fact I left Gravity's Rainbow at the bar last night.
11) Spinach pies in williamsburg.
12) Everyone coming home and I can be myself again.

Things I am sad about:
1) No more puggles sleeping in da bed.

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